The Autonomads are a D.I.Y Dub-Punk and Skaband from the north of England, Formed in a basement, Manchester 07′. They have done over 400 gigs across 8 countries, several european tours, slept on cold floors, played in fields, on sites, at demos, on trucks, in clubs, in houses and meadows, free parties, warehouses, pubs and pretty much anywhere where you’l av us!

Heavily influenced by 90’s free-party reggae, folk, anarcho-punk, good people, ideological ranting, more good people, more ideological ranting. Always Anarchist, absolute freedom to earth, beast and mind. Everything NOW!

Robbie Wild: Guitar & Vocals
Porl: Drums & Vocals
Ehliot: Bass
Perkie: Keys, Melodica & Vocals
Eeyun: Guitar & Vocals

AUTONOMADS "Breadline Britain" [HD]

AUTONOMADS “Breadline Britain” [HD]


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