THE AUTONOMADS “No Mans Land” LP [+Poster]

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Hence the cliché that most of the Bands on Ruin Nation Rec are either way Crust or Anarcho Punk or even Metal… i might surprise with this young 5 piece from Manchester /UK and their brand of Dub/Ska and snotty Anarcho Punk Sound, that would fit into a perfect row together with such acts like CITIZEN FISH, INNER TERRESTRIALS and USUAL SUSPECTS… etc. But categories and comparsions aside, this Band stunned me totally with their fresh and amazingly well produced and well written musical output and their ideas and energy that overthrows every slight moment of stagnation… musically you get not too much and not too less of the Dubpunk elements compared with melodic saxophone hints here and there and a full throttle Punkrock doze spreading a very well thought and Eco-based political message.

This release is the vinyl version of their self produced CD that came in a hessian bag on ANTIKÖRPER REC. This Vinyl version contains one extra Track which is a stunning dubster cover of the “Clowd Song” by R.PENI

Includes a Poster plus Lyric Sheet.

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